Hi… I am Leanne

Hi… I am Leanne

User experience designer and web developer based in Leyland, Lancashire, UK

I am a user experience designer and web developer. Welcome to my personal website and thank you for visiting. Here you will find some examples of my work, my education and work history, and articles about my many personal and professional interests.

Black and white head shot of Leanne Millar, who is a user experience designer and web developer based in Leyland, Lancashire, UK.

A little about me

I am naturally process-driven and this reflects within my work. I like things to have an order which works well considering the job that I do. Scripting and programming languages have a natural processing order and work from a set of instructions like a list. Sometimes it goes back over that list; but only if I tell it too. If I think about this in terms of the ways in which I have always worked; it makes sense why I have such a passion for user experience design and web development. I haven’t always been a coder though; and I have a background in Health and Social Care. You can read more about my story and history by clicking the button below.

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My CV / Resumé

Whilst I am primarily qualified as a user experience designer and front-end web developer; I have spent copious amounts of time learning programming languages. The concepts of what I have learned allow me to pick up “new to me” languages easily. I have a solid understanding of JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and SQL. I have also dabbled in Python, C++, Ruby, and Django. I am also experienced and proficient in WordPress.

I have a passion for User Experience Design, Accessibility, and Usability. My personal heroes being Don Norman, Steve Krug, and Bill Gates. In terms of my IT skills, I have a solid understanding of Windows and Linux OS and applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator, alongside the complete Microsoft Office Suite.

As you can see; I am somewhat of a massive geek, and am obsessed with computers, programming, technology, and problem-solving. I love to learn and invest heavily in my own personal development. When I find that I need to learn a new skill or further develop an existing one I am self-motivated to do this; and using the learning methods I have developed over the years I am able to do so quickly, thoroughly, and to ISO standards.

I find that working to ISO standards, utilising documentation, and validating my work allows me to ensure that whatever I deliver is of the highest quality possible. By following tried and tested processes in design and development I ensure that my workload is delivered on time and on budget.

If you feel that I would be a good fit for your organisation please feel free to get in touch, or to learn more you can read my CV/ Resumé by clicking the button below.

Read my CV/ Resumé

This website is currently in development. You may find that some areas of the site are missing content. Please accept my apologies. In the meantime, if you would like to speak to me you can contact me on 07547 646 696.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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