Will there be a new standard and is HTML 6 a thing?
Will there be a new standard and is HTML 6 a thing?
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HTML 5 was released in October of 2014 as the main standard of HyperText Markup Language as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. Its goal was to support the latest multimedia; keep the language human-readable and remain backward compatible with older software. Six years on from release many developers are asking the question will there be a new standard and is HTML 6 a thing?

Speculation over HTML6

There is much speculation around the web; with some guessing that HTML 6 could include automatic camera integration; more annotation options like for videos and images; dedicated libraries that will do away with JQuery; additional control over the video object; and express tags like <logo></logo>. This is however is more of an expression of want; than a statement of confirmation.

WhatWG and HTML 5 as a living document

In fact, the truth is that HTML 6 is unlikely to ever exist. As of 2019 WHATWG, and w3c signed an agreement for a new standard for HTML. The living standard. HTML5 is a living document being continuously updated and improved. This living document approach solidifies that within web and software development; you have never fully learned a coding language as they change rapidly to improve features; usability and become more human-readable. Even though you may know HTML 5 like the back of your hand; in order to keep to standards and follow the correct practices; developers need to continuously read and refer to the documentation.

Click here to read the WhatWG standards


In summary; we asked will there be a new standard and is HTML 6 a thing? What we discovered is the likeliness that HTML 5 is the last big release for HyperText Markup Language. New features are being released regularly for HTML 5 which as of 2019 became a living document supported by Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft, and Google and brought about a working partnership between WHATWG and W3C.

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